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      Joseph Willis is the Director and co-CEO of 247 Professional Health, one of the fastest growing Healthcare Providers across the UK. Joe Blogging is the voice of experience. From working as a Carer, to owning his own Healthcare Organisation, Willis has seen it all. A Dignity Champion, who works closely with a variety of charities to promote best practice, his passion is to positively impact change within the social and health care industry.

      After a little time away from Blogging, I’ve decided that 2012 is the opportunity for me to throw about some ideas for you to grapple with - a take on my own interpretation of the Private Sector Healthcare Industry.  We hear about the NHS every day - Public Service’s are always in and out of the media - but what is actually happening on the ground in the vast amount of privately run organisations?  I will be looking mainly at Nursing Homes, Elderly Services and Children’s Residential Services, the legislation governing these services and the implications attached to these.

      I am going to concentrate on the issues we face due to the changing landscape of the Health and Social Care Industry following recent UK Legislation.  I’ll try to break down the areas covered into smaller posts, ensuring those without a background in the industry can still understand what the issues are, why they exist and more importantly, the dangers they pose to our family members and friends.  Do you know someone who resides in a Nursing Home or Care Home?  I will hazard a guess that you either do, or you will know someone very close to you that does … so let this be the focus of this first chapter.  We may well be there ourselves one day after all!

      Question … If you have a Nursing Home with 20 patients, how many staff would you need to oversee the care you would expect? The assistance you would need, emotional support, social interaction, conversation, personal interaction, medical assistance and so on and so forth?

      You would be amazed at how different your ideas would be to owners and managers of these services. I’ve know some to have just two staff working in such a service, where the service was separated over 3 floors. That’s right, one member of staff to 10 residents, that’s 0.6 staff per floor!  Put your calculator away - it’s not required and it won’t tell you the real answer. It’s not a number, it’s a word. Unacceptable.

      This is my first chapter in a long list of subjects to cover, so before I start talking about the specifics, let’s just make you aware of the issues we will start to unfold over the coming weeks.  Inadequate staffing levels, poor training, unqualified and inexperienced staff, poor management and supervision of staff, incorrect practices, penny pinching, blame shifting - it’s all happening.  I will expose to you the legislation that ALLOWS this to happen in many cases; legislation I wish to change. Would you like to help me make a difference?  If so catch my next chapter soon and start to understand the challenges we will face. We all grow old, maybe we should start now to make changes for later.

      Comment, agree or disagree, give me your input, maybe I’m wrong, what do you think? 


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