• A Homage to Meryl Streep

      I wanted to stay up late to watch the Oscars ceremony on Sunday night, only to find that even if I had done, it wasn't on a TV channel I could get easily. Seems the ceremony is not on terrestrial TV anymore. Still, the following morning, I lay in bed and watched the previous night’s/morning’s comments from the winners. I was especially interested in who won the best actress award. I was glad it was Meryl Streep. For most of my adult life, she’s been acting in mostly challenging films. A great actor is, for me, someone who is able to take on the character of the person they are playing. When I look back over Meryl Streep’s career, she’s certainly shown great versatility. Whatever your views of Margaret Thatcher, her portrayal of her in The Iron Lady was truly amazing. Even in silhouette, she looked the part. Her mannerisms, voice and walk were all really authentic. It took me back to my youth and the world I grew up in the 1980’s.

      In her acceptance speech, she was almost embarrassed to win, stating that half of America would be saying ‘oh no, not you again!’ I always thought the USA respected success far more than we do. This time, I wondered whether Ms Streep hadn't become a bit anglicised in her embarrassment of the success which she truly deserves. In the gamut of movie history, I cannot think of another female actor with the breadth and depth of range she possesses. If you can, please let me know. Keep going Meryl. Play roles right up until you can act no more (or don’t want to). In a world where older women don’t remain on TV once they hit 45, and there are scarce juicy roles for actresses apart from bit parts or elderly grandmothers, isn’t it wonderful to see an older women remaining great at her craft and getting better year on year? What a wonderful role model for generations of women around the world.

      If you want to realise your potential and become a role model for other women, join me at my Empowering Women Workshops. The next one is at the Old Courtrooms in Brighton on 4th March, followed by the MAC Birmingham on 10th March and the Arnolfini Bristol on 25th March. Workshops start at 10 and end at 4. 

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